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2021 Subscription Coffee - August

Coffee information Lot: D28 Daterra


Variety: Naomi

Region: Cerrado, Brazil

Altitude: 1150 masl

Process: Aerobic Natural


About Naomi Naomi is a cross between C. Arabica and Robusta with selections performed by somaclonal variations in a research partnership between Daterra and Illy. This varietal was first planted into our lands in 1995 and, today, Daterra have plants in their fourth and fifth generations

About process Daterra made this coffee fermenting the ripe Naomi cherries inside an open tank. Don’t use water, yeast, or any other additives – it’s an open, natural fermentation.


以下是我們V60 02的沖煮方式 以斷水式沖煮 研磨度 C40 -24 click --Medium

粉量 15g 水溫 92c

Blooming 30 ml, 35sec

總沖煮時間 2min


1g to 15ml 斷水式 time. total volume 0:00 35ml 0:35. 120ml 1:00 180ml 1:30 225ml


香氣: Ferment, Cherry 風味: Tropical fruit, Orange candy --> Pineapple, Red apple -->Signature of Naomi (Spicy mix fruity

酸度: Medium-High Tropical fruit

甜度: Muskmelon

口感: Juicy

餘韻: Mixed yellow fruit, hints of floral



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