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Chevas- Washed Yeast- Baby Geisha

Chevas- Washed Yeast- Baby Geisha


Roast Date: 15/Apr.

*International shipping welcomed**


Origin: El Salto, Boquete, Panama

Farm: Chevas Coffee Estate

Altitude range: 1700 masl

Varietal:  Baby Geisha


Processing: Washed Yeast Inoculation 

Tasting Notes: White Jasmine, Yellow Floral, Guava, Orange Candy, Green Apple, Green Tea

Process #18 has cherries from our baby geisha in El Salto,once it was harvested, it is selected through floating, thenplaced in tanks with yeast to interact for 3 days, once thetime is fulfilled it is washed and taken to the Chevas DryRoom with constant and controlled temperatures of 30degrees and humidity of less than 20%. In this way, theyeasts are controlled to obtain a clean and complex cup.

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