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Chevas- Natural Yeast- ORION

Chevas- Natural Yeast- ORION


Roast Date: 26/Feb.

*International shipping welcomed**


Origin: El Salto, Boquete, Panama

Farm: Chevas Coffee Estate

Altitude range: 1700 masl

Varietal: Geisha


Processing: Natural Yeast Inoculation 

Tasting Notes: Mango Candy, Violet, Chardonnay Champagne, Grape, Raspberry

Geisha Orion is a Coffee competition Chevas design with Charlène Cabioch Champion of CIGS France. Chevas made a fermentation of 30 days at a cold temperature at 8 degrees, also it was placed for 12 days on the lowest beds to dry under the sun, and 10 days in the darkroom to highlight the fruity notes of a natural process and keep floral of the Geisha variety on cold temperature.

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